The World's FIRST Fully Integrated Car-Buying Web Application

WebBuy® is car buying for the 21st Century.

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What WebBuy Means for Car Buyers:
Finally, WebBuy puts the entire SHOP-CUSTOMIZE-FINANCE-BUY process together in one self-serve application. Customers can lock in incentives, obtain their trade-in value, and receive financing from national banks-all within the WebBuy app and at their own pace, 24/7.

What WebBuy Means for Car Dealers:
Dealers can close deals, gain leads, and draw attention to their in-stock inventory, day or night, every day of the year. WebBuy offers dealer-centric customization that works — like market-based pricing, trade-in valuation, and custom reservation deposits. And best of all, it's together in one application on the dealership website.

To get more information or a demonstration, or to become a WebBuy dealership, please contact our sales team

Key Features

Integrated Lenders
Instant Trade-Ins
Dealer customization of vehicle
pricing and hold deposits
24/7 Availability
Customization of Accessories
Cross Platform Capabilities
(desktop, tablet, and mobile)
Payment Calculator
Rebates and Incentives
Tax, Title, and License Registration
Integrated Lenders with BIDBOARD
Instant Trade-Ins with CARVALUATOR

WebBuy was founded in 2014 by a select group of car dealership owners to solve common issues with the online car-buying process. The WebBuy team is made up of car-sales experts, user-experience technicians, marketers, and application developers.

Co-Founder Steve Zabawa
  • 30 years experience in the retail auto industry
  • 24 years as dealer principal of Rimrock Auto Group
  • Co-founder of Dealerspan and Complete, automotive software companies
Co-Founder and CEO, Tom Murray
  • Past President/Chief Operating Officer of Resource Automotive (Aon/The Warranty Group)
  • Previous VP in the National Auto Dealer Group
  • 16 years Executive Management in Retail Automotive sector
  • 12 years Executive Management in Automotive Finance/Insurance/Financial Services sector


WebBuy is the first end-to-end car-buying experience available online. It fully connects consumers, lenders, and dealerships with just one app. With WebBuy, consumers can finally:

  • Shop for a new or used vehicle
  • Customize it to their preference
  • Get an instant cash trade-in offer
  • Receive approved financing from national banks in minutes
  • Complete their purchase

...ALL 100% online and in ONE easy-to-use application

WebBuy is free to use! Dealerships pay no costs for the application and installation, and pay no monthly fees. There are no fees for using WebBuy paid by the customer, either.
The typical WebBuy user is not satisfied coming into the dealership to conduct their transaction, but instead wants to search-customize-finance-buy their next vehicle all online.
We are currently testing WebBuy in a closed beta group. If you would like to participate, or get on a waiting list to become a WebBuy dealership, please contact us.
If you'd like to become a WebBuy dealership, please contact our sales team.