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New Feature! Protect Yourself From Falling Used Car Values

Matthew Goodson

Now Announcing Maximum Trade Offers"

Max Trade Offer 1.png

With the recent volatility seen in the used vehicle market it has become apparent that dealers may want to take steps to decrease their risk exposure. In order to allow dealers to operate according to their own risk appetites, we are now launching a “Maximum Trade Offer Amount” tool. This setting in the admin panel will allow dealers to pick a dollar amount over which the WebBuy trade tool won’t display trade offers. If a user submits a trade vehicle with accompanying condition information that would return a trade value over the maximum trade offer amount set by the dealership, WebBuy will override the offer and instead display an appraisal scheduler for the user to come get a trade offer in the showroom.

Max Trade Offer 2.png

The maximum trade offer amount can be set by the dealer in the trade-in settings section of the admin panel. If you’d like help setting up your maximum trade offer amount, feel free to reach out to your Client Success Manager, or contact support at support@webbuy.com.