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New Feature! Set a Speed Record Contacting Your Leads!

Matthew Goodson

Now Announcing Our New ADF "Pre-Leads"

With competition starting to pick up as inventories continue growing, WebBuy understands the importance of being able to quickly target active shoppers. With that in mind, we’ve cut the delay on our leads being sent to dealers in half, and we’re now launching a new Pre-Lead feature! Pre-Leads can be enabled on the Integrations page of the Account Setup section in the V2 Admin panel.


The pre-leads will send through the ADF pipeline as soon as a client has entered enough information to qualify as a lead (rather than waiting until the client has gone inactive). The pre-lead will consist of whatever information WebBuy has collected at the time that the pre-lead is triggered, and will allow the dealership to reach out and target the client while they are still actively shopping. Once the user leaves, the lead will be updated with any additional information they entered after the pre-lead was sent. If you’d like help setting your dealerships up to receive pre-leads, feel free to reach out to your Client Success Manager, or contact support at support@webbuy.com.