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Our Leadership

Tom Murray Co-Founder & CEO

Steve Zabawa Co-Founder

<ul> <li>35 years of Dealership experience <p /> <li>Owned several stores and groups over that time <p /> <li>Realized an opportunity 10 years ago <p /> <li>Started WebBuy 7 years ago <p /> <li>Created proof of concept and organized a group of dealer investors who also believed in the same vision <p /> <li>Onboarded first clients in 2017 <p /> <li>S2020 Covid <p /> <li>The rest is history <p /> </ul>

Steve Dimock CTO / CIO

Matt Zabawa VP of Product

Greg Kelly Vice President - Marketing

<ul> <li>30+ years - Leading software solutions for dealerships <p /> <li>20 years - General Motors – VSSM (Sales - Service – Marketing) <p /> <li>7 years - AIS Rebates (acquired by Cox) <p /> </ul>

Mike Ohman DTO

Keith Lanzara Senior Client Success Manager

<ul> <li>30 years of Automotive Sales and Management Experience <p /> <li>Dealer Principle / GM of Woodstock Ford <p /> <li>GM St Charles Toyota <p /> <li>Continental Motors Group <p /> </ul>

Michael Webb Senior Client Success Manager

<ul> <li>14 years of automotive experience <p /> <li>13 years sales manager/credit analyst <p /> <li> 6 years with Chrysler Capital <p /> </ul>

Mitchell Baker Director OEM Relations

<ul> <li>10 years of automotive experience <p /> <li>Cartelligent - Account representative <p /> <li>Modal – Customer Success Operations <p /> <li>Tesla <p /> </ul>