Digital Retailing: Walking the line with the OEMS

The purpose of this guide is how to have success with the OEMS, Lenders, Dealers, And Consumers. We'll break it down by each key area and understand the various priorities. The Key to the solution is to acknowledge these priorities for each stakeholder and find a path to support the overall goal of changing the perception many consumer have about the old school way of selling cars in the USA.

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Hear it from our customers:

WebBuy has made a difference in our numbers. At Rimrock Subaru we sell an average of 75 to 95 cars a month, about 14 cars a month through the WebBuy application.

It delivers a clear path to the sale for the customer. Our industry has changed dramatically and our customers can complete the process in the safety of their own home.

Matt Hall
General Manager - Rimrock Subaru